Super Conference Session, October 20th, 2017

Our first appearance at BCTF’s Super Conference, October 20th, 2017…what a beginning!

When we first began dabbling in the nebulous world of “blending,” we realized that there are many out there already doing it…and doing it well…we just didn’t know how to connect with/to them easily. We also found that, because of British Columbia’s redesigned curriculum, we have opportunities and chances that are unique to our province, making it especially important for BC teachers to have a place to collaborate and share. Our presentation is a very rudimentary look at the definition of “Blended Learning,” as well as the benefits and engagement potential for students and educators.

The purpose of the session at the BCTF Superconference was to begin a provincial dialogue around Blended Learning. The vision is to build a community of educators who 1. Are already blending; 2. Are just starting to blend; 3. Are considering blending, but would like to learn more. Our big focus and main point is that Blended Learning is not a one way solution to all of education’s problems, instead it is a spectrum of combining face to face learning environments with leveraging technology and online learning to promote growth in our students today. This ‘mixing’ or ‘blending’ is on a spectrum. There is no ‘One Way’ to blend, there are many different combinations when combining technology and online learning into your pedagogical practices.

We want to support each other in this journey at various entry points into blended world. We will share resources, ideas, professional development, personal stories, showcases, and much more. We hope that you can join us in our conversation around BlendEd Learning in BC (#blendEdBC and @BlendEdBC).

BlendEd BC is born!

As a brand new initiative, BlendEd BC is excited to join together a community of like-minded educators to create a place for ideas to be exchanged, collaboration to ignite, and resources to be shared.  

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Through a desire to improve our own teaching practice, an interest in Blended Learning – with its many benefits to 
both students and teachers – has begun to open many doors.  We invite you to join us on this adventure, where we can encourage each other to not only put students’ learning as a priority, but also to align ourselves better with the updated education plan while we improve our day to day teaching.

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