Below we will curate a list of various Blended Learning Resources. Please check out some of these, and share any others you’d like to see through our community or through the contact form.

Background Information

Learning/Course Resources

In BC, we are very lucky to have most district as part of the BC Learning Network (see list here to see if your district qualifies). The Network has course content available for most core courses (and many more), and continues to expand their offering. This course material is available to any teacher in a district that is part of the network, and BlendEd BC wants to help you access those courses. In addition to the BC Learning Network course materials, there are thousands of open source resources available on the WWW. Here is a small sample of some of these:

  • CK-12  Massive resource database of learning materials and LMS (see Learning Management Systems below). CK-12 has online text-books, interactive lessons, quizzes, etc. The site offers teachers a chance to design their own textbook called a flexbook, and many other features. Check it out to see the vastness of their offerings.
  • Khan Academy A free online course platform for formal as well as informal learning. Teachers can create classes, and assign specific content to learners through the teacher dashboard. Subject matter ranges from math and science to humanities and history.
  • edX A collation of free online courses offered by top Universities from around the world (including Harvard, UBC, MIT, Berkeley, McGill, Cornell, TUM, UofT, and many more).
  • An online subscription based course platform (most can get access through public library cards). Many high-end, up-to-date courses on technology and creative learning opportunities. Try accessing your public library account, and checking out their online resources.
  • Many more to come soon…

Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System (or LMS) is used to communicated with students, collaborate, disseminate information and resources, and collect learning evidence. There are thousands of online Learning Management Systems, and we have listed just a few here for you to look at. We recommend that you get in touch with your local IT department to see if they already have something running. We would be happy to facilitate that dialogue as well. Please feel free to contact us. *This list is in no particular order*