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Welcome to the BC BlendEd network. We are a group of educators focused on harnessing the power of technology to bring blended learning environments to all students in the province. For more information on ‘Blended Learning’ please visit our about page.

This network is intended for teachers across BC who are blending to share their experiences and knowledge with each other, and also a a resource for educators who are new to blending, would like to learn more about it, and implement it in their daily practice. To see examples of various blended courses and programs across the province, please visit out showcase page were we will regularly be adding examples of blended learning practices from different school across BC.

The Forum (coming soon) will be place for us to maintain a continued dialogue, ask questions, and share specific examples with one another. Please check back frequently as we get this part of the network set up.

Call for submissions!

If you, or a colleague, or someone you know is implementing blended learning into their practice/classroom/school, we want to hear about it! Please submit a quick outline of your implementation through the contact form, and we will be in touch to have you featured on our Showcase section.